Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment

Product Number: US1 4SP
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • User-friendly
  • Real-time dynamic imaging
  • Up to 6 hours of duration

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The veterinary ultrasound system uses the latest digital system architecture to provide high-quality 2D images. Compared with traditional desktop and portable ultrasound instruments, it has a more compact body and convenient features, which will allow it to play a greater role in the veterinary field. Suitable for pigs, dogs, cats, sheep, cows, horses and other animals.

Perfect Ergonomic Design

  • Compact, sophisticated, portable
  • 5.6 inch LED display
  • Lightweight body
  • Rechargeable built-in battery
  • User-friendly operation interface
  • Simple and beautiful operation panel
  • Fast, convenient and flexible touch-type keyboard operation

Advanced Technology and Function

  • Advanced digital signal processing technology
  • Leading digital beam former technology
  • NC dynamic frequency scanning technology
  • Real-time point by point dynamic focusing reception technology
  • Real-time dynamic aperture imaging
Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment


Technical Data

Focus three sections electronic focus, support point by point focus
Gain adjustment main gain, near and far field adjustment can reach 255,15 levels contrast and brightness adjustment
Frame correlation 15 adjustable
Scan mode convex array
Scanning depth 57-230mm, 15 levels adjustable
Electronic linear 128 elements
Cine loop 255 frames
Built-in battery rechargeable lithium-ion battery, imported 2600mAh standard batteries, more than 4 working hours
Display mode B, B + B, B/M
Gray 256 levels
Pseudo color 8 kinds
Image magnification 15 levels magnification
Screen size 5.6 inch high-definition LED screen
Measurements distance, perimeter, area, volume, gestational age
Image processing up / down, left / right flip, pseudo color processing, frame correlation, focus conversion
Gain regulation near field, far field, main gain dynamic adjustable continuously
Interfaces mini USB interface, TF card interface
Machine size 240*120*45mm
Power consumption 25W
Weight 950g
Warranty 2 year warranty
Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment